The capsule repairman appears briefly at the beginning of Book I, when he momentarily scares the SILPS trio by making noises underneath the capsule prior to liftoff:

Suddenly there was a jolt from under them. "Maybe I spoke too soon." "Quick, everyone get into your seats!" Frank insisted. They ran to their seats and buckled in. Then there was a knock on the window. A man with rugged clothing came in. "Sorry, just workin' awn the adjustmints down hea! Sorreh if ah startled yeh!" He chuckled and left the capsule.


Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 2.49.43 AM

The capsule repairman as portrayed by Annabella Boatwright.

The capsule repairman is portrayed as a woman by Annabella Boatwright in Space Voyages: Galactic JourneyShe wears strange '80s clothing and a NASA baseball cap.

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